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I have been slack in blogging on my travels. The best I can say in my defence is finding a reliable internet connection without a chinese sim card was difficult. Anyway here are some random highlights:

Had a drink with Emily Swan on the roof of hotel indigo where we had this stunning view of Shanghai by night


This is the south bund in central Shanghai where you can see the huangpu river which is a branch of the famous yangtze river which is the longest river in Asia. From the same vantage point I also took the below picture of the current tallest building in Shanghai lit up by a turquoise light and on the left an even taller one which is under construction.


I think perhaps this demonstrates the rapid pace of change in Shanghai and indeed much of China. Speaking to Emily who has been living in Shanghai and working for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise for the last 2 years it seems there are new developments and stores popping up all the time indeed she compared Shanghai to New York in the 1990s where anything seemed possible.Yet this represents only one half of Shanghai.

The other half of Shanghai is illustrated in the following image of the Huangpu district where street markets and densely populated living areas typify the old world China many of us remember from film representations.



The old China of street markets is not without charm, beef skewers in bread and dumplings were culinary treats for me. In fact street markets (including the fabric stores where a tailored suit can be bought after bartering for a reasonable price) coupled with rapid development brings some character to the city. I am now in London and hope to build some more experiences but I will add some more brief thoughts on matters in China in my next post.


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  1. Great new and old contrasts Josh – and photos! Which did you prefer after your trip – the old or new Shanghai?

    • I don’t know. It was a short stay in Shanghai and I would have liked to have done more cultural things (Jing an temple was impressive). I did get a reasonably priced suit and overcoat in Huangpu aswell as a scarf for my sister so that was cool. Superficially it seems Bejing is more the cultural centre and Shanghai the commercial centre. NZTE seems to be well situated to take advantage of growing trade links between NZ and China.

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