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Interesting links 2nd edition


Your dose of curated content for the past week is as follows:

  1. Spiked Review essay on nostalgia for a bygone era of family life which may never have existed. The essay refers to American family life but could readily apply to other countries.
  2. What the Kremlin makes of Donald Trump and their views on Hillary Clinton. “Among Russian politicians, Obama has become the personification of a U.S. sanctions regime that has done real harm to the country’s economy. Clinton is thought to be the next in line, and maybe worse.”
  3. Paul Krugman points out, contrary to the exhortations of Donald Trump at the recent Republican National Convention, the trend for violent crime in the US is down.
  4. Very funny piece by reluctant global citizen Adrian Wooldridge of the Economist on the pitfalls of travelling post 9/11. Marmite may not travel so well.
  5. Reason reviews Jason Bourne, in which the action hero played by Matt Damon returns to take on his foes at the CIA. It sounds promising and I agree that the Jeremy Renner version wasn’t much good.
  6. Stephen Colbert gives us cartoon Hillary Clinton.

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