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Links this week

  1. Texas shale oil is still booming. Frackers have cut costs dramatically much to the concern of OPEC producers. Ambrose Evans Pritchard says “Today’s frackers can just about cope with oil prices in the $40 to $50 range”.
  2. Marginal Revolution blogger, Economist, and general brain Tyler Cowen has some inconvenient questions about the USA, Trump, Putin and authoritarianism.
  3. The Economist on Egypt five years after the Arab Spring.
  4. Human development mapped. The world is actually getting better for lots of people.
  5. The previous link was to graphic representations of data showing improvement in human development. The information is put together  by Max Roser. You can follow him on twitter for more data.
  6. Denmark isn’t magic. Highly recommended. “…a tiny share of Denmark’s college graduate population comes from homes where neither parent finished high school. The children of college-grads almost always go to college; the children of non-grads often don’t—even in Denmark.”

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