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Interesting links this week


Your eclectic list of curated content for the week follows:

  1. Why the New York Times assigned a foreign correspondent to cover the US presidential election.
  2. Nassim Taleb on US presidential election 2016.
  3. There has been a lot of ink spilt on Donald Trump’s political rise but few efforts to really understand the motivations of Trump supporters. This compilation in The American Interest of interviews with people in New Orleans, Nashville, Mississippi and other places outside of elite centres is therefore highly recommended. Disillusion with politics is the common thread. Here’s one typical comment about the election and the state of US politics: “Frustration is a good word. You know what, it’s kind of like, if we don’t make changes now, it’s almost too late to fix all the problems we have.” However, note the median income of a Trump supporter is $72,000, so beware of falling into the narrative that Trumpists are only globalisation’s discontents. Tyler Cowen says it’s about the decline in personal savings which make prosperous Trumpists feel insecure. I know this actually contained three links rather than one but this is my blog and I can do what I want.
  4. Alberto Mingardi on why advocating for an industrial policy is also ideological. I think Mingardi, an Italian economist and classical liberal, is worth reading on European politics.
  5. Why New Zealand does not need more inflation.
  6. Peter Williams gets interrupted mid broadcast by a rower.
  7. Also from Rio, I thought this Chinese swimmer’s reaction to winning a bronze medal was pretty cool and what the Olympics should be all about. “I have played my full potential, used all my strength.”

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