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Links this week

  1. Freedom House reports that Paul Manafort, who previously worked for Ukraine’s Victor Yanukovych, is not the only western figure to be engaged in political consultation with autocrats. Highly recommended.
  2. Who Dave Rubin is supporting for president. He makes a good case to avoid polarisation before telling you which candidate he supports. Hat tip to my friend Nicholas Smith for directing me to Dave Rubin’s youtube channel. Rubin’s two part interview with psychologist Jonathan Haidt is highly recommended.
  3. Should there be a brexit from NATO? I say no on the basis of the importance of collective security as a means t0 assert valued international norms but I think membership should be limited to liberal democratic states. Nonetheless it is an interesting argument and parallels components of some of the arguments made for the British departure from the EU.
  4. The undervalued cutting edge research taking place in the humanities. That research includes a computer model to predict New York Times bestsellers, a code of ethics for robot-human interaction, and a database to track the transatlantic slave trade.
  5. What is the point of the Olympics? A philosophical answer. Features Socrates and Aristotle.
  6. Children’s classic The Tiger Who Came To Tea gets reworked.

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