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Interesting links this week

  1. A majority of the British public would be scared to take a ride in a driverless car. There is also a general scepticism as to the benefits of driverless cars. The article also notes the British public are “unprepared” to deal with the ethical challenges of driverless cars. I don’t blame them. There are some seriously difficult questions involved. If you go to the following link, you can answer whose lives you think should be prioritised by driverless cars in crash scenarios. Young or old? Male or female? Hard questions.
  2. Is Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard still relevant today? “For Kierkegaard, only through a deep and honest analysis of oneself, can one truly know what one is or is not, what are one’s values and beliefs, what are one’s truths.” I haven’t read him but he sounds worthy of consideration.
  3. The University Of Chicago remains a bastion of free thought and independent inquiry.
  4. The paradox of the liberal society is that, to sustain it’s own values, it must permit those who wish to destroy it the chance to express illiberal ideas. As such, Spiked editor Brendan O’ Neill points out that an Islamic cleric, though what he says may be abhorrent, should not be punished by the state for what he thinks and says.
  5. Reason magazine columnist Jacob Sullum writes on the Peter Thiel funded Hulk Hogan lawsuit of online tabloid gawker and that website’s subsequent bankruptcy. “People who do not like what journalists say about them already can sue for defamation, and they need not win to punish their adversaries for making them uncomfortable. Thiel’s amorphous, free-floating right to privacy provides another excuse to exact revenge, with the advantage that truth is no defense.”
  6. “Analytic philosophers know how to have fun too!”

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