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Interesting links this week

  1. Brendan O’ Neill on why the Kurds fighting against ISIS forces deserve western support. “The Kurds need, and deserve, our solidarity. Their fighters have been successful against ISIS because they possess something that few, if any, forces in bloody, collapsing Syria possess: a real, felt, democratic commitment to an ideal, to a homeland, to a future.”
  2. Hillary Clinton vs… Hillary Clinton.
  3. Arnold Kling reviews a 1953 book entitled The Quest for Community. The argument appears to be that the expansion of central government erodes the institutions between individual and state. Reading this (I’ve not read the actual book Kling here reviews) made me think a lot of Yuval Levin’s excellent The Fractured Republic wherein the author advocates strengthening, what he calls, the mediating institutions of society.
  4. Tyler Cowen on the social value of Uber. He quotes a research paper which found for every dollar a consumer (in four American cities where the research was conducted) spent, they received $1.60 in benefit.
  5. Semi-clad skiing in New Zealand. “When the sky is blue and the snow is fresh, it seems ski-ing half-naked is called for.” There are, of course, plenty of photos at the link.

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