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Some interesting links

  1. Senator Robert Kennedy’s former speech writer is supporting Donald Trump. His support for the Donald is because of an anti-war sentiment. I think this case is overstated but it’s interesting reading. Here’s an excerpt: “Flawed as he may be, Trump is telling more of the truth than politicians of our day. Most important, he offers a path away from constant war, a path of businesslike accommodation with all reasonable people and nations, concentrating our forces and efforts against the true enemies of civilization.”
  2. New York Times’ endorses Hillary Clinton for the US presidency. Not surprising. Here is the list of their endorsements through the ages. Dwight Eisenhower (1956) is the last Republican to get the nod.
  3. Quartz interview with Alain de Botton on making the humanities useful, studying ads, and the need for a “wisdom industry”. Recommended. In fact, you might like to read this one first.
  4. Gary Johnson is also running for the presidency.
  5. How middle class are you? Apparently, at least according to an etiquette expert, it depends on which of a list of 16 items you own. You can answer a quiz at the link. I own zero of the items in question.
  6.  When you can’t decide between a hamburger or a hotdog. The “Hamdog” is now available in Western Australia.

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