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The Australian’s 404 page


I randomly clicked on a link to a story and stumbled upon The Australian newspaper’s 404 page not found message. It’s rather funny. They parody Aussie politicians with their imagined responses to the grevious problem that is a 404 page not found message. I’m not fully up with the play on all the Aussie politicos and their various idiosyncrasies so I can’t say I “got” all of them but there were a couple I found a bit amusing. Former Aussie PM Kevin Rudd is known for his academic background and saying things in a long winded and pompous academic style before getting to the point. His “remarks” are worth highlighting. Here they are in full:

Look, folks, can I just simplify the conundrum at hand? It will be transparent to even the least inquiring of intellects that what we are in the grip of an occurrence that surely bears more than a passing – and might I add uncanny – resemblance to a situation this unhappy little Vegemite once found himself in while in Copenhagen with the rodent-copulators of the Middle Kingdom. Furthermore…

Current Aussie PM Malcolm Turnbull, clearly a man of action, seems rather worked up by the whole thing. “I’ve read the riot act to this broken link, my colleagues will all read the riot act to it. It’ll get the riot act read to it more often than just about anyone could imagine. It will be excoriated.”

This is new to me but not actually new. Buzzfeed has screenshots with all the pictures and quotes.

PS: The Financial Times, as has been well documented, has a very clever 404 error page with economics reasons why your chosen page has failed to load.

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