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  1. Adam Davidson writes in the New Yorker about Peter Navarro. Mr Navarro is the one economist Davidson could find supporting Donald Trump. Mr Davidson also critiques Trump’s economics. It’s a good piece and worth reading particularly on the significant flaws with Trump’s protectionist agenda. Here’s a slice: “A huge tariff on China wouldn’t suddenly force Vietnam or Mexico or, for that matter, Germany or Japan to reduce their global competitiveness. Indeed, they would see it as an opportunity. Multinational corporations considering leaving China would face an easy choice: they could reinvest in the U.S., in the midst of a unilaterally created trade war, or they could invest in any other country on earth and have access to the U.S. and global markets.”
  2. Your life in numbers. An interesting tool where you can input your country of birth and when you were born to see how it has changed along various statistical measures of social and economic well being.
  3. Douglas Murray in the Spectator on how US politics has turned into a reality tv show. Highly recommended.
  4. There’s never been a better time to be alive. Reason magazine reviews an interesting looking book on global economic and social progress.
  5. I enjoy some of Bob Dylan’s music, Jokerman and Subterranean homesick blues are two favourites, but, like Frank Furedi who has written about the subject in Spiked, I do not think Dylan should have been awarded the Nobel prize for literature. Here’s the clincher to Furedi’s argument: “To get the most out of Dylan, you have to listen to his songs, not read his lyrics. He is to be heard, not read. Indeed, if you read his lyrics out loud, rather than sing them, his words lose much of their force.”

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