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Some links

  1. Fareed Zakaria on the rise of populism. He points out that the ideological fissures in the United States (at least for Trump and Clinton supporters) is cultural and not economic. There is much more besides on the resurgence of populism of both the left and right wing variety in Europe following the global financial crisis.
  2. An adapted chapter from a book on morality by Henry Hazlitt: “We need to be more concerned with everyday morality and relatively less with crisis morality.”
  3. All hail South Park’s masters of satire says this piece in Spiked.
  4. Tyler Cowen writes about the Investor State Dispute Settlement provisions of the Trans Pacific Partnership. Here’s the key pull out quote: “Investors don’t always trust the courts of the nations they are investing in, and indeed from 1990 to 2013, at least 150 foreign-owned firms were nationalized, typically in emerging economies, or otherwise subjected to confiscation of value. Agreeing to refrain from such practices can attract more foreign investment and raise living standards.”

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