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  1. Liam Hehir is right to be concerned about a gang in Ngaruawahia in New Zealand taking their own vigilante action to drive out drug dealers in the area. Here’s the key point: “The problem is that summary justice is no justice at all. We are an advanced, modern country, not a frontier society. The only legitimate exercise of force is that exercised by the state. And under our system of law, that power is properly constrained by the rules of criminal procedure. Vigilantes operate under no such restrictions.”
  2. EconTalk has been highly stimulating in recent times. Here is Russ Roberts talking to Nobel laureate economist Angus Deaton about whether or not people should rethink redistribution from the rich world to the poor and how one should prioritise the poor in rich countries as against the global poor. It’s from a few weeks back but still relevant in these times of anti globalisation sentiment. The episodes are quite long but this one in particular is challenging and thought provoking where-ever you stand on these issues. Here’s my earlier post recommending econtalk.
  3. What would make leave voters change their minds about Brexit? A significant rise in unemployment tops the list of this yougov poll but the figure (7% of leavers) is not all that high.
  4. It’s summer in New Zealand so I will start sharing more cricket related links. Here’s a cricinfo interview with legendary West Indian opening batsman Gordon Greenidge. This was interesting: Why did you prefer opening to middle order?
    “I wasn’t one for sitting around waiting. If I had to wait to bat, I would have been a bag of nerves. Not sure if I’d have made it. I don’t think I could have just sat there watching the others. I wanted to get in and get started. I didn’t have the patience.”
  5. Newshub reporter Julian Lee has finished his month long beer and pies diet.

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