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Some Trump links

  1. Cato’s Trevor Burrus on the constitutional limits of executive branch (presidential) authority under the American system and the call for a new consensus on curbing executive overreach.
  2. Trump’s vote was strongest in places not where unemployment was highest but in places where people’s jobs are at risk due to globalisation and automation.
  3. Bloomberg view commentator Leonid Bershidsky is well worth reading. A Russian journalist who came of age in the years of the Soviet Union’s collapse and who has worked in that country during its awkward transition to something approaching democracy and more recently since Putin rose to power, he has an interesting outsider’s perspective on America where he now plies his trade. In this piece on Trump’s election as US president, Bershidsky suggests America might not be as politically exceptional as American elites think it is. Here’s an extract where he notes parallels between Trump’s success and other campaigns in Eastern Europe: “By winning a presidential election with a distinctly Eastern European recipe, Trump has shown that there’s not that much difference between, say, Americans and Poles or Americans and Georgians. It’s as easy to appeal to their national pride, tying it in with their economic discomfort, and their understanding of official corruption is quite similar.”
  4. The Keynesian bonafides on Donald Trump.
  5. Tyler Cowen on who rises and falls in status as a result of Donald Trump’s election.

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