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Some links

  1. Mark Blyth’s piece in Foreign Affairs entitled “Global Trumpism” is worth a read. Everyone has a pet theory about the rise of Trump but, while I am unconvinced by parts of Blyth’s diagnosis, he might be right about the era of “neo-nationalism” and that’s concerning.
  2. Speaking of, here is the Economist on “The New Nationalism”.
  3. “No, Autocrats, the US election does not prove the inferiority of democracy.”
  4. “The end of Identity Liberalism”. My learned friend Nicholas Smith shared the link to that piece which suggests that the fracturing of the American Left into various identity groups has led to an inability to appeal to common values. The problem with identity politics, as I see it, is that while connecting with historical disadvantaged groups is perhaps laudable, when that connection is solely on the basis of their very belonging to that perceived out group and does not view them as autonomous and thinking individuals then it leads to a politics of stagnant and fractured groupings where one is defined not by what they do but what they are.
  5. Glasgow University is offering a class in the philosophy of Homer Simpson. I rather like this.

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