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Some links

  1. The Economist has a primer on Breitbart News.
  2. “Stuck”. A Reason magazine writer asks why people don’t leave places in America where there isn’t much opportunity. Highly recommended. It’s a very well researched piece about an important topic. It is long but worth your time as it seeks to understand how such communities became beset with problems.
  3. How Nietzsche supposedly helps to explain Brexit. The piece was interesting but I was surprised that it did not focus more on nihilism as a factor. (Mind you, unlike the scholar who was interviewed, I have only read one of Nietzsche’s books.) We still don’t quite know what sort of relationship Britain will have with the EU after the divorce. Nihilism (understood as the absence of meaning) played a role. Trump’s election was also, to my mind (and I am influenced by the insightful thinking of Martin Gurri) driven, in part by nihilism. The problem with such nihilistic movements is that it is always easier to tear down than to build up. For those who may be interested, here is my earlier post on Thus Spake Zarathustra which read the book as a call for individual self improvement and a willingness to question conventional wisdom.
  4. “Free to Booze”. Yes you are free to drink a dozen, that’s right a dozen, 745ml bottles of beer in a day but I’m not signing up for crate day 2017. The last line is rather witty though.

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